Workshop «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing»
We invite technical specialists to participate in the training course on the topic «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing» which will take place on 12-13 September, 2019 in Germany (Lubeck). The workshop is arranged for specialists in quality, service engineers, mechanics and power engineers who are responsible for the reliability of machines and industrial equipment.

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Shaft alignment is a procedure of determining and adjusting the relative position of two connected machines so that the rotational centers of the shafts are collinear.

The shafts alignment is one of the main stages during the maintenance and repair of electric motors, fans, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, turbine units, etc. The proper shaft alignment allows to:

  • Reduce vibration
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce wear of parts
  • Increase working life of parts
  • Enhance quality control

BALTECH has developed and manufacturers inexpensive, simple and efficient electronic and mechanical alignment systems BALTECH SA «ShaftAlignment» Series, that allow to perform horizontal and vertical shaft alignment. All our alignment systems allow to perform the alignment with two methods: dial indicator method and radiaxial method.

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