Workshop «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing»
We invite technical specialists to participate in the training course on the topic «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing» which will take place on 23-24 April, 2020 in Germany (Lubeck). The workshop is arranged for specialists in quality, service engineers, mechanics and power engineers who are responsible for the reliability of machines and industrial equipment.

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Products -- Alignment -- BALTECH SA-PRO


BALTECH SA-PRO has been developed by BALTECH for specialists who already use BALTECH SA Series systems and analogue systems for alignment of half- couplings, drives, pump units, gearboxes, compressor stations, overhung fans , inboard fans, step fans, etc.

Based on our experience we can say that to perform an efficient, fast and precise alignment it is not enough to have only one alignment set. You will also need: the calibration steel shims BALTECH-23458N Series, calibration gauges BALTECH FG Series, self-adjusting chocking elements BALTECH DM, magnetic tripods with indicators, wrench set.

BALTECH SA-PRO is the unique kit which contains all the tools required for the shaft alignment. The alignment of half- couplings, electric motors, pumps, gearboxes, compressors, fans, etc. can be performed with any BALTECH SA Series system and the tool kit BALTECH SA-PRO.

The kit contains:

  • BALTECH DM - self-adjusting chocking elements for the vertical machine movement;
  • BALTECH FG - set of calibration gauges for the soft foot checking;
  • BALTECH-23458N - set of calibration shims for the shaft alignment;
  • Device for a shaft cranking ;
  • Laser distance meter for measurement of machine parameters

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