Workshop «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing»
We invite technical specialists to participate in the training course on the topic «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing» which will take place on 12-13 September, 2019 in Germany (Lubeck). The workshop is arranged for specialists in quality, service engineers, mechanics and power engineers who are responsible for the reliability of machines and industrial equipment.

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Alignment of belt and chain drives with the state-of- the-art laser alignment systems

Nowadays use of belt drives in the industry is not uncommon. By changing sheave diameter you can change a machine rotation frequency without necessity of using gearboxes and frequency converters.

To maintain belts, pulleys and bearings in proper working order it is necessary to timely check the alignment of sheaves and to control belt tension. In practice the alignment is conducted with a string and the tension is checked by a hand at the best case. As a rule, this kind of work takes much time while the result not always comes up to expectation. Improper alignment leads to increased vibration and noise level, rapid wear of belts and pulleys which in its turn results in bearing wear and machinery failure. So the important question is how to keep the sheaves and pulleys in good condition without outsourcing?

Today more and more companies and technical specialists pass from the “by eye” alignment to the professional alignment with use of state-of-the-art laser alignment systems. BALTECH delivers alignment system and perform alignment training and technical maintenance with the modern laser alignment systems.

We invite everybody to our seminars «Reliability technologies» in Germany. Use of our laser alignment system doesn’t require any special training so any technical specialist can easily perform the alignment with our systems. The BALTECH alignment systems are easy-to- use and provide more accurate results than old alignment instruments. The state-of-the-art alignment system makes it possible to considerably reduce time required for the sheave alignment.

There are two types of BALECH laser alignment systems.

The first system uses 6 magnet marks installed on the sheave end, and a laser unit that transmits a laser plane relative to the ground level. The precise sheave alignment is achieved by adjusting the machine drive relative to the impeller sheave on all 6 marks. After the misalignment correction the belt tension is checked with a mechanical or ultrasonic device.

The second system uses 3 laser units installed directly on the sheave slot. It doesn’t require any hard mathematical calculations.

The measuring units are mounted on the sheaves with the magnets, and the integrated fixture automatically positions them at the slot centre. Every measuring unit transmits a laser plane to the target of the opposite measuring unit. Thus you can monitor the position of each measuring unit and adjust them relative to the centre.

These alignment systems allow easily correcting offset, angular misalignment and combined misalignment. The alignment with these modern devices reduces downtime and unplanned shutdowns, increases replacement intervals and working life of belts and machines, reduces vibration and noise levels and saves expenses for repair and spare parts.

Thus, use of the modern laser alignment equipment saves not only your money but also time because it doesn’t require any special training.