Workshop «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing»
We invite technical specialists to participate in the training course on the topic «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing» which will take place on 12-13 September, 2019 in Germany (Lubeck). The workshop is arranged for specialists in quality, service engineers, mechanics and power engineers who are responsible for the reliability of machines and industrial equipment.

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Coupling mounting

Installation of couplings on shafts of electric machines is usually performed at the manufacturing plant but every part of a rotating machine has its service life. The coupling that absorbs vibration partly and prevents the equipment from shutdown and overloads has its service life and requires replacement as well. Large machine require interference fit called “hot” fit that requires preliminary heating. The coupling installation with heating is a labour-intensive and unsafe job.

To achieve the highest efficiency and quality of the installation works one should use modern devices and tools designed for mounting of couplings, bearings and other ring parts. To heat the bearings and parts we recommend using the induction heaters BALTECH HI-1610 or BALTECH HI-1630 that allow performing heating of bearings, couplings and gears accurately, quickly, qualitatively , reliably and with safety.

Selection of the required induction heater model depends on the technical and geometry characteristics of the parts to be heated, therefore we recommend addressing yourself to our sales representatives who have the necessary knowledge and experience and will help you to select the best solution according to your technical requirements.

The mounting of couplings, bearings and other parts with the preliminary heating is an easy job for the maintenance personnel if they have the induction heaters and the special bearing mounting tool kit for mounting of bearings, gears, couplings and other parts.