Workshop «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing»
We invite technical specialists to participate in the training course on the topic «Shaft alignment and dynamic balancing» which will take place on 12-13 September, 2019 in Germany (Lubeck). The workshop is arranged for specialists in quality, service engineers, mechanics and power engineers who are responsible for the reliability of machines and industrial equipment.

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Bearing replacement

Bearing replacement is an entertaining and interesting job when an operator has the BALTECH bearing mounting tool kit. During bearing replacement it is important to prevent its damage therefore qualitative bearing mounting tools are required. The induction heaters BALTECH HI-1630 Series that uniformly and carefully heat the bearing with the heating temperature control, as well as the mounting tool kit BALTECH TOOLS containing a set of mandrels for bearing pressing-in, provide the correct bearing mounting without force transmission through the rolling elements and as a result without damaging the bearings. The bearing replacement should be conducted carefully. This kind of work requires extreme accuracy and observance of a variety of specific requirements. You can get useful detailed information on the bearing replacement on our training seminars Reliability technologies. If the bearing replacement is made with non-compliance with the requirements of the technical standard documentation, the bearing will be subject to overheating, it will cause increased noise and vibration, increased energy consumption and as a result it will lead to the failure of the bearing and the whole equipment. The bearing replacement using the BALTECH HI-1612 induction heater is conducted twice faster, as this unique innovative device has two yokes therefore you can perform the heating of two bearings simultaneously within a short period of time. These induction heaters are recommended for use in serial production for example in conveyed assembly of gearboxes. It is very important to quickly and uniformly heat two bearings on a conveyor, to correctly install them on a shaft and to transfer them to the next assembly area. All the induction heaters BALTECH HI Series have the function of automatic demagnetization.